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Know what to change for an improved performance

As a coach, an elite athlete, a team member or a part of sports management, you know that being a champion requires a certain mindset as well as physical fitness and sporting skills. And a champion mindset is about knowing how to find your purpose and how to choose actions to support that purpose.

Thankyou for the part that you have played in helping me to get a clear picture of how I can continue to grow and to help these guys be a successful unit and great human beings.

- Greg Chappell – Coach of South Australian Cricket Team

Life Performance Sports Consultancy presents simple-to-learn, easy-to-use techniques and strategies to develop and support the mindset of champions. They can help you re-focus and identify what is really important to you – as an individual or as part of a team. In fact, Life Performance can work with your team to uncover common values and develop a code of conduct that supports these values.

Simple strategies to develop and implement – strong element of participation.

– Carlton Football Club

You’ll be shown how to remain cool under pressure and how to set your goals in a way that can maximise your chance of success. So whatever the situation, you’ll feel calm and focused on a win-win outcome. You’ll develop the focus of a championand become an empathic, influential leader.

Some are becoming active and aware leaders. One or two of these leaders were unexpected. It has been amazing to watch the change in two of the swimmers as they “got it”. This has translated into their lives out side of the pool as well.

– John Bladon MLC School Aquatic Centre Manager & Head Coach MLC Marlins Swim Team

You’ll discover how to identify the four communication preferences. You’ll be able to recognise someone else’s style and communicate with them using words, images and gestures that will really get the message across. And because you’ll communicate with empathy and acceptance, you’ll feel happier, you’ll work more effectively as a team and you’ll enhance performance.

I know my team mates better and understand how to communicate with them.

– Geelong Flyers

The best news is that it doesn’t matter how you communicate now, you can improve your skills. You can learn simple techniques to create instant rapport, to identify different communication styles and to adapt your own style to suit. You will hear how to train your mind with positive self-talk.

Simple messages and extremely good for self confidence.

– Gold Medalist Sydney 2000 Olympics

Life Performance Sports Consultancy can show your team how to:

  • Identify their personal values
  • Identify common team values
  • Create codes of conduct that support team values
  • Learn techniques to hold their focus
  • Understand different communication styles
  • Feel comfortable with both male and female communication styles
  • Create lasting rapport quickly
  • Communicate effectively with everyone
  • Maintain emotional balance in difficult situations
  • Set goals in a way that maximises success
  • Celebrate every achievement