Confident Communication for Leaders

The best leaders are empathetic, recognize how to reach out to the individual people they lead and are focused on their own - as well as their organisation’s - purpose. Carol can show leaders, along with their entire teams, how to communicate with confidence and in turn how to effectively deal with conflicts, elevate public speaking skills, find common values and set everyone up for success.

Training & Masterclass Packages


Based on her popular book “Confident Communication for Leaders” Carol will encourage participants to understand their impact in the workplace and the power of professional communication strategies in being able to influence and engage clients and other team members anytime, anywhere.

Key workshop learnings include:

  • Understanding communication styles and how to adapt your own style for an optimal result
  • Rapport building strategies for increased trust and engagement
  • Responding to objections and confidently leading clients to a fast outcome
  • How to recognise stress reactions in people and respond appropriately so that there is a fast resolution
  • The power of body language and words in communicating your message
  • How emails can build rapport even before you meet them face to face
  • How emails can alienate people – what not to do
  • Impromptu speaking


The purpose of this project is to teach your team about innovative and real communication strategies for confident communication as a leader. This series of masterclasses and executive coaching will provide plenty of information on effective communication strategies as well as providing an enlightening educational experience with a set of tools that can be utilised immediately when they return to work.

The outline of this project is:

  1. Initial 5-hour Training Seminar: "Professional Communication Strategies-Communicating with confidence anywhere, anytime and with anyone"
  2. Follow-up seminar: “Influencing People into Action”
  3. Personalised executive coaching session for each participant
  4. Fortnightly newsletter
  5. A copy of Carol's Book: Confident Communication for Leaders for each participant.



  • Master Builders Association
  • McDonalds
  • Melbourne University
  • Mitchcon Engineers
  • Qenos
  • Required Financial Group
  • Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital
  • S&R Fashions
  • Sacred Heart Mission
  • Sussan Fashion Group (Sportsgirl)
  • South East Water
  • The Ark Clothing Company
  • Victoria University
  • VicRoads
  • Whitelion
  • Best Community Development

  • Carey Grammar
  • Catholic Education Commission
  • Cedar Creek Lodges
  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)
  • Country Victoria tourism
  • Certified Practising Accountants Australia
  • Crown Melbourne
  • Crown Honeywell
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Facilities Management Association of Australia
  • Forest Fire Management Victoria
  • Kingston City Council
  • Lawton Group
  • Lord Somers Camp