Confident Communication for Women

Confident Communication for Women is a series of intimate workshops teaching women practical techniques to become confident in their interactions with colleagues, clients and even life outside work. 

Sessions empower women to make an impact and be influential during both one-on-one conversations or while public speaking.


Based on her popular book “Confident Communication for Leaders” Carol will encourage participants to understand their impact in the workplace and the power of professional communication strategies in being able to influence and engage clients, and other team members - anytime, anywhere.

Key workshop learnings include:

  • Communication Styles – Understanding communication styles and how to adapt your own style for an optimal result.

  • Building Rapport – Rapport building strategies for increased trust and engagement.

  • Getting Outcomes – Responding to objections and confidently leading clients to a fast outcome.

  • Stress Reactions – How to recognise stress reactions in people and respond appropriately so that there is a fast resolution.

  • Body Language - The power of body language and words in communicating your message.

  • Email Secrets - How emails can build rapport / how emails can alienate people.

  • Impromptu Speaking - Gain confidence and become a dynamic public speaker.

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