My Book

Confident Communication for Leaders

How to communicate with confidence. Anywhere. Anytime. With anyone.

Why is it some people can command a room and others are ignored?

What are the innate abilities confident communicators automatically use to dazzle you with their brilliance and create connections?

How can you use these communication secrets for a better life?

After a combined forty-five years of working with the leaders of sporting organisations, companies, educational institutions, and government bodies, both in Australia and internationally, Carol Fox and Kathryn Gorman have presented the most effective techniques for confident communication. Whether you are a nervous-shaking-in-your-boots-networker, a chatty conversationalist or even a polished presenter who wants to gain the edge in life, it’s possible the wealth of tips, tools and secrets revealed in this book can take you to a whole new level.

Inside you will discover:

  • How you currently communicate
  • The four communication preferences
  • How to speak another language
  • Secrets of email communication
  • Conflict resolution (for when the sh*t hits the fan)
  • Instant rapport building
  • The best body language for confident communication
  • Brilliant choosing and using of words
  • Magical metaprograms
  • Confident communication secrets

…and how to apply them anywhere, anytime. With anyone.

Over 3000 copies sold internationally!