Life Performance Coaching


Get excited about your future because . . .

You have every resource you need for your success.

Feeling unfulfilled? In need of a career change? Afraid of failure? Afraid of success? Simply wanting to take your achievements to another level? Life Performance can give you the tools to change your life.

And no matter where you are at the moment, you can be a champion simply by opening yourself to the possibility that there is more out there for you.

Your Life Performance Coach can show you how replacing disparaging thoughts with positive self-talk can help youdevelop the mindset of a champion. And you’ll work through and resolve any feelings of guilt, fear, apathy and anger quickly and permanently.

Yet most importantly, you’ll complete exercises that uncover what is truly important to you. So you can begin to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with everything you do and with every decision you make. Because when you get clear on your purpose you’ll be able to prioritise your actions and choose behaviours and thoughts that support your goals.

And to maximise your chance at success, you’ll be shown simple easy-to-use techniques to set goals. You’ll be able to appreciate your own success.

Great communication skills are crucial to creating lasting, fulfilling relationships, in business and personal life, so you’ll gain valuable advanced communication techniques. You’ll begin to understand how to communicate effectively with both men and women, despite the hormones that affect both genders. And you’ll gain insight into the four communication preferences and how to modify your own style to really get your message across.

No matter where you are in life; how you are feeling or what you are thinking right now, you can become your own champion.

When you work with a Life Performance practitioner, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify your values
  • Discover your life’s purpose
  • Look at communication as an interaction rather than a one-way message
  • Set goals to you maximise your chance of success
  • Communicate for deeper connections
  • Understand the communications differences between men and women
  • Replace self-destructive behaviours with positive actions
  • Focus on what you want rather than what you’re afraid might happen
  • Get motivated and stay motivated
  • Understand, identify and use the four different communication styles
  • Create the life you’ve always wanted, yet never thought possible

Become your own cheer squad.

All Life Performance Practitioners are:

  • Experienced with a diverse range of clients
  • Able to provide references from previous and existing clients
  • Internationally certified in:
    • Neuro Linguistic Programming
    • Time Line Therapy
    • Hypnotherapy
  • Members of the Australian Board of NLP
  • Members of the American Board of NLP
  • Members of the American Board of Hypnotherapy

Support the champion within.