Corporate Consultancy


Success is a pattern. Give your team the template.

Whether you’re a CEO, small business owner, educator, School Principal, a Managing Director, a HR Manager, an Executive or a Government Agency executive, you’ve probably already learnt that communication skills are vital to your success. Today, more than ever, people do business with people they like. You need to work as part of a dynamic team and be able to communicate to influence. Yet where can you acquire these vital Advanced Communication skills?

It’s always great to learn more about yourself and how you can improve relationships. The information is so simple and yet not always in our conscious minds. Thanks. Loved it.

- S&R fashions

Life Performance Corporate Consultancy specialises in workshops and presentations that show you simple, easy-to-use techniques to improve your communication skills. You’ll be able to identify your personal values and understand the values you share with other team members. You can even use these common values to develop a code of conduct that accepts, respects and prizes every individual.

Helped the team bond and understand each other better. I also think getting the team to set their own values and ‘code of conduct’ was great.

Country Fire Authority

You’ll gain goal setting skills to maximise your chance of success; and we’ll show you how to pinpoint the exact moment that you achieve a goal. This amazing toolbox of techniques also includes skills to reduce anxiety and eliminate stress; so no matter what the situation, you can remain calm and focused on a positive outcome.

I am so excited by what we have achieved here in 2 days – there has been such a total energy shift and mood change. I can see how amazing the future is going to be for myself and our whole team with these common team goals and desires.

- Sportsgirl

You’ll hear that while we might all speak English, we do so using four different communication preferences. So you’ll learn how to use the wordsimages and gestures that appeal to each style. You can use this knowledge to build deeper connections and really get your message across. And you’ll discover that hormones affect both men and women and how you can understand and accept gender differences to create a supportivemotivated and highly productive team.

The communication styles were invaluable. I now stop, and work out each person’s communication style, this helps me understand and read others more effectively.

- Eye and Ear Hospital Staff

You’ll be shown how we all create our own reality – one that is unique to us. You’ll hear techniques you can use to understand and respect other people’s views. With this newfound appreciation, you’ll enter conflict situations knowing that it’s not about you. So you’ll be well-equipped to empathise, connect and create win-win outcomes.

I would be the first to admit prior to this course that this is not for me. To your credit I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly believe I have got some useful tools out of it. Particularly in my private life as much as the recruit course.

– Fire Fighter Recruit

Life Performance Corporate Consultancy can teach your staff how to:

  • Build mutually beneficial relationships quickly and effectively
  • Understand how males and females communicate differently
  • Create real and lasting team spirit
  • Increase the motivation of individuals and the team
  • Set goals in a way that maximises the chance of success
  • Use common values to develop codes of conduct that support the team
  • Accept and embrace team member differences
  • Negotiate clearly and empathetically for more win-win outcomes
  • Identify and communicate using the four communication styles
  • Manage their time for greater productivity, satisfaction and life-balance
  • Replace destructive emotional reactions with positive negotiation skills