Carol’s development and coaching techniques have added value to my life both professionally and more recently personally. In 2002 Carol helped me move into a GM position with greater ease, we openly discussed challenges and used visual and time-line techniques to work out ways around difficult situations. In this same time we visualised goals for the future, my main goal was to own my own company ‘Blush’. By 2008 I had formed the company and now in 2011 Blush Enterprises is a growing international company. I attribute a great part of our success to Carol Fox and her coaching style. We created possibilities and turned them into realities. Carol is creative and passionate for results, she uses her knowledge and experience to help others perform better through life. I could not recommend her highly enough to others.

Danielle Keech. Director Blush Enterprises Thu, 11/10/2011

Thank you so much for this session. I have to admit I was skeptical when I saw it on the program, thinking id heard/learnt it all before. But I have never had communication taught and dare I say ‘communicated’ in the way you presented. Result=insight+++empowerment+++understanding+++ I look forward to your tips and hope our paths cross again

Rotary Leadership Program Participant

Such a charismatic and engaging speaker. I had heard good feedback about carols presentations and was not disappointed. Good use of audiovisual and good pace- didn’t labor the point at any time.

Rotary Achievement Program Participant

I am so excited by what we have achieved here in 2 days – there has been such a total energy shift and mood change. I can see how amazing the future is going to be for myself and our whole team with these common team goals and desires.


I would be the first to admit prior to this course that this is not for me. To your credit I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly believe I have got some useful tools out of it. Particularly in my private life as much as the recruit course.

Fire Fighter Recruit

The communication styles were invaluable. I now stop, and work out each person’s communication style, this helps me understand and read others more effectively.

Eye and Ear Staff

Helped the team bond and understand each other better. I also think getting the team to set their own values and ‘code of conduct’ was great.

Country Fire Authority

It’s always great to learn more about yourself and how you can improve relationships. The information is so simple and yet not always in our conscious minds. Thanks. Loved it.

S&R fashions

Simple messages and extremely good for self confidence.

Gold Medalist Sydney 2000 Olympics

I know my team mates better and understand how to communicate with them.

Geelong Flyers