Where Is Your Heart?

Where is your heart? Is it in your busyness (business)?
What is your busyness?
Whether your busyness is firefighting or finance or fashion, whether you spend your days of busyness in a workplace or your home, whether your busyness brings you an income or not, it is so important to have your heart in what you do.

It is no surprise that when someone has their heart in their job they use the language of the heart: “I love my work, I’m so passionate about what I do!”
Their face lights up. They sound enthusiastic and energised. They get better results.

Studies have shown that the more passionate someone is about what they do, and the more their heart is involved in their business, the more successful they are. Think of Australian icons like Steve Irwin and  swim coach Laurie Lawrence, or former American Vice President Al Gore who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for his efforts to environmental causes.
What have they all had in common? Living and working with heart, and loving what they do. Their extreme passion has influenced millions, directly or indirectly. And they have achieved international success.

So it makes sense, doesn’t it, to love what you choose to do, and have your heart in it. After all, you will certainly be spending your days being busy doing it!
So where is your heart?

Carol Fox