Trust Yourself

The only questions that really matter are the ones you ask yourself.
I was asked to give an talk to a group of university graduates recently and I got to thinking what it is like in our lives when we are faced with a new future and new possibilities.
So I shared 3 key concepts that I hope will make their way forward in life a little easier:
1. Set goals and allow yourself to dream,
2. Create a supportive environment,
3. Be aware of the power of words on your performance.
The main point that I wanted these graduates to take away was that we are the only people who can limit ourselves. We are in control of what we decide to focus on. There will always be people out there who are being "practical", telling us to be aware of this or concerned about that. That is their reality, it doesn't need to be yours.
Did you know? You are the expert on your subconscious mind. It's your subconscious mind. You've had it your whole life.This means you know best what you need to do in any given situation. You know the answers to all of your questions. You know what direction you need to take next.
This is often my approach in an executive coaching session - especially when asked what do I think my client should do? .. so often if I ask them back "if you knew what would the answer be?" - they usually give me the answer.
All you have to do, to see, hear and get the answer to any question, is to ask your subconscious mind, "If I did know what would it be?" Then follow what looks, sounds, feels or processes as right for you.
So by all means bounce ideas off those wise mentors in your life, the listeners, the ones who always help you get clear on your challenges, and most of all go within to your own inner expert who is always waiting and so happy to serve you.

Carol Fox