Step Outside The Box

Fact: When you have a ‘problem’, you don’t yet have your solution, If you did, you wouldn’t have a problem.
Fact: The solution exists just outside of yourself, just outside the ‘box’ of what you know, see, hear, feel and believe is possible.
Fact: To access your solution, you need to ‘step outside the box’.
Most of us know this. So what prevents us from stepping outside the box?
Maybe we feel or look blocked creatively and think we can’t come up with creative solutions. Perhaps we’ve told ourselves in the past that we’re stuck and there is no solution. We could be afraid of failing or getting it ‘wrong’. Maybe we’re afraid of what will happen when we do step outside the box and solve the problem. Maybe we’re even afraid of the success that solving that problem will bring.
To ‘bust’ through the boundaries of a problem quickly, ask yourself this one quick question. It seems simple, yet it is based in quantum linguistics and so helps you get straight to the solution easily. Here’s the question:
"What’s the one positive thing I can see, hear, know or learn about myself now which when I do will enable me to solve this problem?"
Take the first thing that pops into your mind.
Then ask yourself, “What’s my solution to this problem? If I did know, what would it be?”
Take the first thing that pops into your mind. There’s your solution, the solution to improving your own life performance.

Carol Fox