Limit Your Limits

Are you limiting yourself? How are you limiting yourself? Have you been looking at or listening to old outdated programs that no longer serve you? You know the ones...they look and sound something like this:

   “I’m not good enough.”
    “I’m not strong enough.”
    “I’m not smart enough.”
    “I can’t afford to do ...”
    “I don’t deserve to have good things.”
    “I don’t have enough money/support/resources to achieve what I want.”
    “I’m not supported.”
    “I’m a loser.”
    “I’m too old to…”
    “I’m too young too…”
    “I can’t…”

Most of us have limiting stories we may have inadvertently received as children, from parents, brothers and sisters, teachers, even the media. These stories or programs stayed in our subconscious mind and may still be running, even affecting every area of our life. Seeing as we actually create our reality with our thoughts, when we are believing something limiting, then we actually limit our opportunities in life.

I once had a client whose parent had consistently told her she wasn’t good enough. They criticised most things she did, and even when she achieved excellent grades at school, they still told her she wasn’t good enough because she didn’t score 100% in every single subject. When she came to see me as an adult, this single belief “I’m not good enough” was limiting her in every single area of her life.

She was rarely recognised at work even though she did an extraordinary job.
She never seemed to attract the relationship she wanted, and she was unhappy with her lifestyle, in particular where she was living. After clearing the limiting belief “I’m not good enough” she ‘magically’ received a promotion at work, as well as some long overdue recognition for her efforts there. She attracted a wonderful man into her life, and within a year they were living in a beautiful home which she loved.

Be consciously aware of the things you think or say that limit you. If there is something limiting your performance and stopping you from being, doing or having the life you want, know that you can make change. It’s as simple as changing your mind.
For those of you who have attended my seminars or read my book the reframe tool .. "7 good things" is a great place to start to help change your story.

Carol Fox