Failure Versus Success

Nov 8, 2015

“You usually pass failure on the way to success”
Mickey Rooney

Over the years as I have coached clients the concept of ‘sabotage’ often comes up.
It may occur when a client is clearly wanting one thing in their life such as ‘success’, yet seem to be creating the opposite such as ‘failure’. Someone may want one thing consciously: success, yet their subconscious mind may hold a myriad of beliefs which ‘sabotage’ it. These might include believing that when they are successful they’ll be busier, see less of their family or have people ‘rip them off’.

Sabotage actually comes from the early English word ‘saboter’ meaning to ‘wilfully destroy’.

So what would be the purpose of the subconscious mind ‘wilfully destroying’ what we want?

Your subconscious mind actually wants to protect you and keep you safe. It does want your very best and it’s main role is to preserve and run your body so you can do the things you want in your world. When you were young, there may have been things that happened to you, which as a child you couldn’t deal with. In the fields of Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming, it is well known that people supress memories. What is known about the mind is that, when we are ready to deal with those memories or the issues connected to them, the subconscious mind brings them up for resolution.

At the point where you absolutely commit to success, and are ready for it, the subconscious mind takes action. It flushes out all of the beliefs and limiting decisions which no longer support your success.
So what  may appear to be ‘sabotage’ is actually the mind bringing up old outdated beliefs to be released.
So an athlete might have an injury two weeks before a key race, or a business person become ill the night before a presentation for a huge deal. What we may have perceived in the past as ‘sabotage’ could well be the unconscious mind ‘wilfully destroying’ anything that no longer serves us.

We spend a lot of time and energy celebrating our achievements and successes. What if we celebrated our apparent ‘failures’ as the subconscious mind totally supporting us in our success?
What if we honoured those moments where it looked as if our whole life was in chaos?
What if we honoured the times where we felt as if we knew nothing, and believed we were never going to achieve our goals?
What if you simply asked the question “What’s the one thing I can know about myself now, which when I know it, will enable me to completely move through this?

What if you took this answer and saw, heard, felt and processed it now? What if you were closer now than you actually realised, to living the life you want?
As Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are (people) who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

To Your Success


Carol Fox