Don't Worry. Be Happy

Inspirational Tip
“Don’t worry. Be happy.”   Bob Marley (1945-1981) Singer, songwriter & activist
Performance Tip

Are you a ‘worrywart’? Have you worried today? About money? Bills due? Your child? A work project that’s overdue or seems impossible? Have you worried about a colleague? A sick parent? An upcoming speech, presentation or performance?
We all know worry is bad for us. We know it causes ‘stress’, and can lead to serious health complications such as stomach ulcers and heart attacks. Most of us know that it doesn’t help to worry. And we even know that most of what we worry about never eventuates. So why worry?
Because it’s a habit. Somewhere along the way you learned to. And your amazing unconscious mind is doing it’s job of running that ‘worry’ program for you. So, what can you do about it? All habits are there for a reason. At some point they served you. It’s just that some programs become obsolete and you haven’t told your mind that. It’s a bit like starting up your computer in the morning and finding it opening every single file you have ever used! That’s what your mind does. And some of those programs just aren’t relevant or useful anymore.
Here's a fast way to let go of worry. It's a technique from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Think now of something you’ve been worrying about. Let’s say it’s a work project, and you’ve been waking up in the night remembering little details. So ask yourself, “What’s the purpose of worrying about this?” Take the first answer you get. Perhaps it says “So I can do a good job.” Then take this answer and ask,
“So what’s the purpose of doing a good job?” “So I get noticed for a promotion.”
What’s the purpose of a promotion? So I get more money?
What’s the purpose of more money? So I can do more things?
What’s the purpose of doing more things? So I can be happy.

So the reason for doing this work project is so you can be happy-that’s the real purpose behind it! Your mind needs to see this, because the reason you felt stressed was because it had forgotten. So then ask your mind, “HOW can I complete this project and stay happy doing it?” Take the first answer. It might be “Bring in a colleague to work with you on the project.”or “Take your laptop to the beach and finish it there.” This means your energy can go into getting the job done, rather than worrying about it. In the words of the adventurer and explorer Harold Stevens, “There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.” So just go solve the problem!

Carol Fox