Be Worry Free


Recent events in our world may have caused a lot of people to feel fearful about their finances, their security, their safety and their future. Sometimes we are affected by chaos that might be occurring around us, and some of these fears might seem very ‘real’ to us, yet it’s helpful to remember that it doesn’t help the situation if we worry.
When we worry, our subconscious mind thinks that the things we are worrying about are actually happening to us. So if someone worries, their body, which is run by the subconscious mind, starts to react as if they are actually under the stress that might occur if the things they worried about had actually happened.
They might feel sick in their stomach, leading to digestive problems or ulcers; anger and frustration from feeling out of control might cause extra stress on their heart, their immune system begins to work overtime. They might lose sleep as their mind races and plays the ‘worry CD’ on repeat for hours.
Yet in the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming it is often said that “you can’t ‘DO’ worry unless you are focussing on something in the future that you don’t want…and why would you do that?”
Our subconscious mind is like a six year old child, so it will keep ‘nagging’ us if something is wrong. Sometimes we just need to take control of that six year old and reassure it that all will be okay. As the adult, we can take control and focus on the things we do want rather than the things we don’t.
If you have been worrying about your job security, finances, health issues or the financial or physical health of those you love, you can use the way the mind naturally works to release worry in your life right now.This is called an Anxiety Remover and it’s a popular NLP technique.(Reference: Adapted from Advanced Neuro Dynamics, Tad James)
1.Bring to mind something you've been worrying about. 
2.Imagine what you want to have happen instead of the thing you were worrying about. If you were worrying about paying a bill, then imagine it paid. If you were worrying about someone you love getting sick or having an accident, then imagine them safe and happy. If you were worrying about financial crisis and losing your home, then see and feel yourself financially prosperous and happy, continuing to live in your home.
3.Imagine yourself out in your future, at least one hour after the successful completion of that event; so the bill is paid, your loved ones are fine, you’re happy in your home. Check in from there and ask yourself,“Where’s the worry? Is it there or is it gone now?”
4. Then ask yourself, “What’s there instead?” Relief? Happiness? Peace? Bring that back with you and hold it in your body for as long as you want. It sure feels better than worrying doesn’t it? 

Carol Fox