“You should do that.”
“You should know that.”

How does it look, sound and feel when you read this?
Does it make you feel ‘bad’, as if you are a little kid ‘in trouble’. Does it make you feel or look inadequate or even 'stupid'?

Should is a controlling word and it can bring up other people’s insecurities and baggage. Instead of using should, replace it with could.

“You could do that.”
“You could know that.”
This looks, sounds and feels much more empowering doesn’t it?

Could leaves you open to possibilities and learning.

When you replace should with could, you maintain rapport with people and increase the connections in your relationships. When this is happening in your home or workplace, you then become more effective and increase your performance.

It’s possible that you could remember to replace should with could in your thoughts, your interactions and your directions now, couldn't you?

Have a happy week!

Carol Fox